Cynthia Reinhart-King

440 Engineering and Sciences Building
2414 Highland Avenue
Nashville, TN, 37212

Email: Cynthia.Reinhart-King[at]

Phone: 615-875-8309

Vanderbilt University
Department of Biomedical Engineering
PMB 351631
Nashville, TN 37235

Prospective Applicants:

Undergraduate Students:

Undergraduates interested in working in the lab should send Dr. Reinhart-King a resume and a recent transcript.

Prospective Graduate Students:

Prior to joining the lab, all PhD students must be admitted through the Biomedical Engineering program. Please consult the BME departmental website for admissions information.

Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Interested applicants should send a CV and a brief description of their research interests and career goals to Cynthia.Reinhart-King[at]

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