Defense Cakes

For PhD dissertation defenses, Cindy makes a cake or cookies in the theme of the thesis research to celebrate!

Joseph Califano, PhD

Traction force microscopy of endothelial cells

John Huynh, PhD

Atherosclerotic plaques at a bifurcation

Casey Kraning, PhD

Metastatic cells migrating in collagen microtracks

Brooke Mason, PhD

A chick chorioallantoic membrane angiogenesis assay, loosely interpreted

Shawn Carey, PhD

Invasive tumor spheroid

Julie Kohn, PhD

Swimming mice with life preservers

Marsha Lampi, PhD

An Endothelial Monolayer

Aniqua Rahman-Zaman, PhD

Cells migrating in a collagen network

Danielle LaValley, PhD

Endothelial cell with clustered VEGF receptor

Joe Miller, PhD

Radiation of collagen networks

Jacob VanderBurgh, PhD

Microposts mimicking heterogeneities of stiffness in arteries

Lauren Hapach, PhD

Differential sorting to cells based on migration in collagen

Matthew R. Zanotelli, PhD

Cells expressing the Perceval HR probe to measure intracellular energy state via ATP:ADP ratio

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