Defense Cakes

For PhD dissertation defenses, Cindy makes a cake or cookies in the theme of the thesis research to celebrate!

Joseph Califano, PhD

Traction force microscopy of endothelial cells

John Huynh, PhD

Atherosclerotic plaques at a bifurcation

Casey Kraning, PhD

Metastatic cells migrating in collagen microtracks

Brooke Mason, PhD

A chick chorioallantoic membrane angiogenesis assay, loosely interpreted

Shawn Carey, PhD

Invasive tumor spheroid

Julie Kohn, PhD

Swimming mice with life preservers

Marsha Lampi, PhD

An Endothelial Monolayer

Aniqua Rahman-Zaman, PhD

Cells migrating in a collagen network

Danielle LaValley, PhD

Endothelial cell with clustered VEGF receptor

Joe Miller, PhD

Radiation of collagen networks

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